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Analyzing Twitter Feed Data for Subjectivity and Polarity

Recently, I became aware of the TextBlob library. This library is built on top of the Natural Language Toolkit. This library allows you to analyze text for “part-of-speech tagging, noun phrase extraction, sentiment analysis, classification, translation, and more” (per the documentation page). The features that really interested me were the ability to analyze text for… Read more »

WordPress Mobile Application

I just installed a mobile application that lets me post to my blog from my phone.  Now I can post things on the go, which is most of the time. School and work take up a ton of time so no work has been done on GPSFoW for about two months.  It’s still on my… Read more »

An Introduction

I’m going to preface this whole thing with a little introduction of myself. My name is Joe.  It’s a nice, easy to remember, generic name.  I’m a Computer Science major enrolled at The Pennsylvania State University.  At the time of this post, I recently finished Freshman year.  This blog will hopefully, in the best circumstances,… Read more »