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WordPress Mobile Application

I just installed a mobile application that lets me post to my blog from my phone.  Now I can post things on the go, which is most of the time. School and work take up a ton of time so no work has been done on GPSFoW for about two months.  It’s still on my… Read more »

Oh look, a blog post!

I know I haven’t been posting here all that often, but life has been busy as usual.  Work combined with a general lack of sleep makes my motivation towards working on the project diminished at best.  I forced myself to get some work done today, and I have done a decent bit.  First, I’d like… Read more »

Progress Updates on GPS FoW

I realize I haven’t posted any status updates in quite some time, so I’m going to fill everyone in on what I’ve been up to. Delays: Life The past few weeks have been rather busy for me.  This has directly affected the amount of time I have spent working on the application.  Two weeks ago,… Read more »

Android GPS game and possible site move

Android App I have been working on an app/game for Android that involves the GPS.  The idea is that it will uncover areas as you explore them, similar to a fog of war effect found in most RTS games.  I haven’t gotten the fog of war part down yet, but I now have a little… Read more »