Redesigning the Site with Bones

I have decided to explore building my own theme for the site. Previously, I had one built on top of PaperPunch, and more recently used the default Twenty-Thirteen theme. Both of these themes are clean, but I have decided to build my own.

I was reading a post on /r/web_design about starter themes for WordPress. Through this thread, I found out about Bones, an HTML5, mobile-centric theme base. Themes are built by modifying LESS files and compiling them into the relevant CSS. The process for building the CSS is fairly straight forward.

So far, I have built a good bit of the base of the theme, but it’s not quite where I want it yet. There’s a good chance that the design will change greatly over the coming weeks. Depending on the success of this, I may consider using Bones to redesign my girlfriend’s blog and my Guild Wars 2 site.

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