Android GPS game and possible site move

Android App

I have been working on an app/game for Android that involves the GPS.  The idea is that it will uncover areas as you explore them, similar to a fog of war effect found in most RTS games.  I haven’t gotten the fog of war part down yet, but I now have a little android guy who follows you around based on your GPS location.  Thus far, it hasn’t crashed from enabling/disabling GPS, so that’s good.  I’ve had a very small amount done on the app for a while, but was prompted to get back to work when I saw this post on reddit.  I made another thread on reddit about the app and got much more feedback than I had anticipated.  The only problem is that some other people are now possibly working on the app, so if I do want any marketing advantage, I have to be quick about it.  I won’t go into detail about what exactly I plan to implement, but I am hoping the features will give it an edge.  Here are some screenshots:

The picture with the blur effect going on it just so I could hide my location from unsavory characters who might happen upon this blog.  I really hope no one gets confused and thinks it’s the fog of war effect.  The picture that is all red is red due to a filter I have for nighttime phone usage so I don’t hurt my eyes in the dark.  It happened to be late when I took that screenshot.

Site move

A kind individual at reddit liked the idea of this app, so he offered some hosting on a server he pays for but doesn’t really use.  Along with that, I bought my own domain for the year.  I couldn’t think of what to call it, so it’s just There’s not any site there yet, but hopefully will be in the coming days/weeks.  It will be the main site for anything I develop, on Android or otherwise.  I’ll probably set up a subdomain called at some point.  I will also probably set up a wordpress blog there too and just import these posts.

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